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The William Morris Collection


Brocade corset in gold and purple, fully boned and laced. The fabric is based on Arts and Crafts styles. Gauntlet style seperate sleeves with flowing chiffon mediaeval drapes. Matching gold silk skirt with small train.

A contemporary gown with Medieval styling consisting of a long-line laced corset, ribbon-laced upper arm gauntlets with hanging sleeves and a toning skirt with train.

The stunning brocade fabric of the bodice is based on a Victorian Gothic design after the William Morris school.  It is available in a variety of two coloured and self-coloured options.  (The violet/ gold version is shown above, see below for other colour variations).  Skirts and sleeves can always be co-ordinated with all possible colours.


Ruth chose to have the "Evelyn" design in plain, yet shot (two-toned) purple/ green
silk with green contrast piping and ribbon trims.



The red/gold version of the same fabric is used for an corset bodice with red/ gold chiffon Mediaeval style hanging sleeves and a sumptuous matching silk skirt.


Pre-Raphaelite style wedding gown with hanging medieval sleeves and William Morris style brocade bodice

Each style in the William Morris collection can be constructed in any of the colour combinations indicated for the inclusive price of £2200.  Both fabric costs and construction are included in this price. Styles in plain silk fabrics will be costed differently - please enquire.

Minor adjustments to the design can be accommodated, but major changes would need to be treated as an individual unique design separate to this collection.

  Colours available : ivory, ivory/ gold, red, red/ gold, blue, blue/ gold, violet, violet/ gold, black, black/ gold, black/ silver, green, Bridal white.

Fresh designs will be available soon demonstrating different gown styles in the other colour ways.  Keep watching the website or contact us!

These designs are made-to-measure.

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